Mark Blanchette
Fine Art Photography

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About the Artist:

The photography of Mark Blanchette has been collected and exhibited in museums and galleries throughout North America and abroad.  His work has received numerous awards, and he has participated in many prestigious art festivals, including repeated exhibitions in Disney’s Festival of the Masters.  Mark works exclusively with black and white film and utilizes a conventional wet darkroom to create his surreal images.  The images are designed to allow the viewer to find their own interpretations of the meaning or message depicted in the content.  The conclusion is oftentimes a reflection upon the individual’s own personality. 

Mark is quoted, “I truly believe that if my art has generated any type of emotional response from the viewer, then my work is justified.”   

Mark Blanchette is a resident of DeLand, Florida.

About the Artwork:

All of Mark's work is done in a traditional darkroom.   Each image is made by exposing the photographic paper multiple times with different negatives utilizing several techniques (dodging, burning, masking).   All of the photomontages are created in only one size in an edition of 10 prints.  Of the 10 prints, images 1 through 9 are available for purchase.  Number 10 of the edition is kept by the artist for museum and gallery exhibitions.  Once the 9 prints are sold, that image is retired.    By creating the image by hand, each montage in the edition will contain subtle to drastic differences in tone and image blending.   In essence, each photomontage is an original work of art. 

Two Artist Proofs may be released for purchase after an image retires.

Pricing is variable in tiers dependant on image size and the number in the edition..  The groupings are 123,  456,  789  and (if available) the two artist proofs.  Please contact the artist for image pricing and availability.

Two new and very large works, "The Space Between Wonder and Why" and "Image is Just an "I" Less Game" are one of a kind pieces in an edition of only the one original photomontage.  The size of these pieces prevent the images from being created in an edition.

Mark's new work has added a 3rd dimension to his photographic work.   Staying true to his photomontage techniques, he has begun incorporating two different photomontages into a one artwork to convey a single idea.  The images are created using traditional darkroom photographic processes, cut into strips and mounted at a 45 degree angle, creating a kinetic art form that changes as the viewer moves around the piece.  These new works are one of a kind pieces, and are not created in editions.


Mark's Frequently Asked Questions:

1.      Is any work done digitally?
No.  All of the artwork is created in a conventional darkroom.

2.      Do you still produce your older still life, landscape and hand colored photography?
Yes, upon request.  I found photomontages to be much more creatively fulfilling, thus it has been the focus of my work for the last 8 years.

3.      What is your education?
I am predominantly self taught.  My trash can in my darkroom is called my “experience bin”

4.      What camera do you use?
Canon EOS Elan 7 for 35mm and two Yashica 124 G TLR’s for medium format

5.      What film do you use?
Kodak T Max 100 in T Max developer

6.      What paper do you use?
Ilford variable contrast Fiber paper in Dektol developer

7.      What enlargers do you use?
Two Omega C 760 condenser enlargers with 50mm and 80mm Schneider Componon S lenses

8.       Why does each image in an edition look slightly different?
I create each one of the 10 images in an edition by hand.  It is impossible to dodge and burn the images exactly the same.  The subtle differences make every one an original.

9.      Why are your editions so small, only 10?
I would much rather create new work instead of reprinting old work.  The small editions perpetuate the creation of new images.

10.  Why do you only produce the images in one size?
There is a tremendous amount of work involved in the creation of each image.  Changing sizes would result in nearly starting from scratch.

11.  What drugs do you take?
I do not take drugs.  They interfere with my hallucinations.  J


Art Festival Music:
If you have visited Mark at an art festival, you may have noticed the music that resonates from his booth, when appropriate. 
The music is performed by Nova Era "Classical Music with a Groove".  More information and compact discs can be found at: